Rocking Out for a Cause

by Katerin on July 20, 2013

The Dominican Republic, despite being the second largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region, has a significant issue with poverty marked by a high level of income inequality. While new multi-million dollar resorts along the coast cater to well heeled international travelers, a major portion of the population lives in destitute poverty.

On a trip to the island nation a little over a decade ago, Jane Patrizzo was overcome with emotion at how different things were in the Dominican Republic than back in the United States. A registered nurse, Patrizzo had the opportunity to visit a hospital on her trip and realized that help was needed to allow many of these poor citizens, and particularly children, access to basic healthcare that Americans take for granted. It was this realization that led her to form Jane's Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Jane's Kids raises charitable donations to buy medical supplies and equipment and enlists physicians and nurses to go to the Dominican Republic to perform surgeries and other healthcare screenings and procedures that are not available to children there. Her organization also aids in providing clothing and shoes which for many children's family are out of reach on their own means.

Yesterday evening, December 16th, the Steve Marshall Band performed a show in New York City to raise funds for Jane's Kids Foundation. Steve Marshall was energetic and excited to be able to contribute to such a great cause. Steve and his band were joined onstage by rock hall of fame legend,Gene Cornish of The Young Rascals.

Check out the video for my interviews with Jane Petrizzo and Steve Marshall as well as a clip from his performance with a guitar solo from Gene Cornish.

Visit Jane's Kids page on Facebook and please consider donating to this great cause! Show support for Steve by visiting his website

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