Giving Back

by Staff on July 20, 2013

VIVE Katerin celebrates the belief that life is for living. In founder Katerin Rodriguez's native Spanish, the word VIVE translates as "living" or "to live".

Although many of us are lucky enough to be healthy, live in safe homes and neighborhoods and have financial stability, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions around the world, who don't have there basic needs met. Life for those struggling in poverty, fearful of violence or battling major illness is more about survival than about the American ideal of "the pursuit of happiness".

It is for this reason that VIVE Katerin believes it is an important part of our mission to feature stories on the great work of volunteers and charitable organizations, from those in working in our community to those offering needed help around the world.

Two of organizations that Katerin is personally involved with charitable work are The United Way and March of Dimes. We encourage you to consider volunteering or donating to these or other reputable charitable organizations.

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