Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fashion

by Katerin on July 20, 2013

Designer Ava Paris draws her inspiration from traditonal clothing of her native West Africa. Yet her fashions, which are produced in a eco-friendly and sustainable way, also draw from her study of European design, and the influence of the French in colonial Africa. Ava has a respect for culture and it is clear that with her debut collection showcased at Bel Espirit in New York in February, she intends for her designs to transcend cultural differences and be worn proudly by fashion forward American women. Her collection which uses natural fabrics and dyes, doesn't require women to match jewlery to her dresses - many of the outfits come adorned with polished stone or semi-precious gem ornamentation. The stones or patterns sewn or dyed into the fabric often have symbolic meaning - in several cases celebrating the balance of the many roles that women play in society, not surprising as many of the dresses Ava has designed are based on what a bride would wear in traditional West African culture. It is noteworthy that all of Ms. Paris's pieces are dyed and sewn by African woman who earn a fair income that allows them to provide for their families.

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