Sexy, Couture ... Crochet?

by Katerin on July 20, 2013

Chila For Fun is an avant-garde collection in the couture style by Brooklyn, NY designer, Chila. This unique and sexy line draws influence from art, culture, life and family, all of which inspired the El Salvador-born Chila in creating her designs. VIVE Katerin caught up with Chila at her Brooklyn showroom to learn more about what motivated her to launch her fashion line.

VK: What was your inspiracion for Chila For Fun?
C: Mainly from my family-crocheting for my family.

VK: How did you get started with your business?
C: I made a hat for my husband and many people asked about it and where they could buy one. I realized that there might be a demand for high quality crochet pieces. I started Chila For Fun to as a sexy, fun collection of everything from dresses to hats to bikinis.

VK: What is the price range for Chila For Fun?
C:The prices vary based on sizes and materials needed. A bathing suit may be as low as $50 and I have dresses that start at $75. Of course, more complicated pieces or custom pieces that I create from a customer's sketch will be more expensive, ranging up to several hundred dollars.

VK: Do you have any plans to sell Chila For Fun at retail stores or just directly through your website and showroom?
C: I would like to sell Chila For Fun at other stores, where I could have a seamstress on site. But, I don't want the line to be mass-produced because I don't want to contribute to the exploitation of workers in developing countries. Also, keeping the line small allows for all labor to done in the US.

VK: What is the piece that you're most proud of having created?
C: There are probably two that I'm most proud of. The first is a long green dress that I made after being inspired by a deaf designer who specialized in a fashion style called 'wear & tear'. The second is a wedding dress for my friend that I added a lot of special details to. The dress made her so happy because it reminded her of her grandmother.

VK: What advice can you give to other designers just starting out?
C: Prepare to spend a lot of time on your business. Be open to disappointment and willing to change. You must be organized with your thoughts and ideas, and know what your market is. What direction do you want to head in? What's your niche?

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