Tie a Teal Ribbon

VIVE Katerin at Color of Teal
As we enter October, many women will wear the familiar pink ribbons commemorating breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer continues to be the most com ...
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Fashion Week - Memoirs of Aphrodite

Model at Elena V Designs
Elena V Designs, known for its innovative and edgy, yet feminine designs for the busy, urban professional woman, is pleased to announce it will presen ...
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Interview with designer Elena V

Elena Vasilevsky
Now that the temperatures have heated up and summer has officially begun, many of us have plans to spend time at the beach, in the pool or on a family ...
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Beethoven in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn?

Yasiin Bey with Brooklyn Philharmonic
While the thought of classical music may seem foreign in a part of Brooklyn more commonly associated with gangster rap and hip-hop, the Bedford Stuyve ...
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Running Through the Pain

VIVE Katerin and Dr. Daniel Geller
Now that is springtime and the weather is warmer, many people have laced up their running shoes and are hitting the streets, trails and tracks. While ...
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Creating Awareness of Teenage Prostitution in the US

Cast of play Innocent Flesh
Underage prostitution and human trafficking has received a lot of attention in the media in recent years. However, it is still perceived as a problem ...
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Managing Hair Loss in Women

Elline Surianello with VIVE Katerin
Hair loss is not very common in women. Male pattern baldness, while challenging to deal with for guys in their 20s and 30s with receding hairlines ha ...
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Upscale Jewerly or Decor Accesories for Mother's Day

VIVE Katerin and Berry Brown
Mother's Day is just a month away on May 13th. This year, don't wait until the last minute and end up having to buy overpriced flowers for mom that wi ...
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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fashion

Katerin with Ava Paris
Designer Ava Paris draws her inspiration from traditonal clothing of her native West Africa. Yet her fashions, which are produced in a eco-friendly an ...
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A Soulful Evening in Brooklyn

VIVE Katerin attended the February 24th performance by singer/songwriter Esnavi at the BAM Café in Brooklyn. An independent artist whose first singl ...
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