Interview with Domenico Vacca

by Staff on April 29, 2014

For many people, a successful career in fashion, with the opportunity to dress Hollywood stars, athletes and international royalty would be a dream. For Domenico Vacca it seems, rather to have been his destiny. As a boy in his native Italy, Domenico learned the basics about design and fashion from his grandmother who owned a dressmaking company. After growing up and taking a career in international law and representing Italian design houses in the United States, Mr. Vacca saw an opportunity to market the high quality and craftsmanship of Italian made products. After several years of showcasing ‘made in Italy’ products in a magazine in he launched to raise the profile of Italian brands in the U.S., Domenico left to co-found a high end fashion brand. Shortly thereafter, he launched his own design house, under the eponymous Domenico Vacca name.
Since opening his flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, Mr. Vacca’s design work and quality handcrafted garments has led to many fans including Hollywood actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Jeremy Piven, Forest Whitaker, Dustin Hoffman and Mickey Rourke. Vacca has also dressed athletes such as Scottie Pippen and Dwayne Wade.
Today, Domenico Vacca operates boutique stores in New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, London, Milan, Mexico, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. His high end clientele appreciate the quality and choice of fabrics, the form and fit of his garments and the expert craftsmanship of Italian master tailors. In addition to reaching significant success in the fashion industry, Mr. Vacca makes it a point to give back. He provides donations of both clothing and money to those of lesser means, but also prides himself on providing jobs to skilled workers in Italy rather than mass producing on machines or in lower cost Asian countries to save on costs and boost profits.

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